Gosford Motor Museum is Closing Down!! (March 2019)

Time to get your cheque book out and grab some Australian motoring history!

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Modified Vehicle Ownership and Recent RMS Updates (Jan 2019) 

CMC update in regards to modified vehicle ownership.

The scheme only applies to modified vehicles that are seeking registration under the Classic Vehicle Scheme. 

    • Form G094 (use only in conjunction with an authorised club event or maintenance) was removed from the
    • The scheme was replaced with the Vehicle Safety Compliance Certification Scheme (VSCCS).  Engineering Certification Scheme (ECS) certificates are no longer accepted by Roads and Maritime Services for registration purposes.  
    • The VSCCS authorises a licensed certifier to assess vehicles and modifications in specific licence categories.

The CMC update advised that;

    • VSCCS authorized Engineers are the only ones currently recognized by RMS.
    • Previously, RMS declared that old engineering certificates pre VSCCS would not be recognized (VSB 35). CMC managed to have RMS reverse the decision (VSB 36). So, no matter how old the engineering certificate, it stays with the vehicle for life.
    • RMS / CMC have updated VSI 6 which is a list of items which trigger the need for a VSCCS certificate to be organized. Modifications less than VSI 6 can be mechanic certified as OK and the vehicle can get CVS registration with a blue slip.
    • CMC advised that ANY items which are MODIFICATIONS should result in the car being sent to CVS.
    • The rules confirmed that period options and accessories are acceptable.