Ownership of a classic or vintage vehicle or motorcycle is not a per-requisite to joining the Club but it is expected that an applicant will have an interest in such and attend meetings and runs. Conditional registration and CTP at special rates and a stamp duty exemption are available to complying vehicles owned by Club members. See the Links page to learn more.

You may download the Membership Application Form or obtain a paper copy from a Committee member at a club event or monthly meeting. Alternatively, contact the Club Secretary Neil McIntosh. New Applications must accompanied by the relevant fee. You may elect to pay for up to three (3) years membership.

  • Full adult member: $50 ($15 once-off joining fee, $35 annual membership fee);

  • Joint adult members: $70 ($15 once-off joining fee per member, $40 annual joint membership fee)

  • Junior membership (under 18 years of age) is available for an annual fee of $5 but junior members do not have voting rights.  

Membership Renewals are now due.

To be eligible for Historic or Classic Registration, you must be a member of a recognized Club. 
To renew your membership in the CVMCE, you must pay your fees by the 30th June

you must return your SIGNED Membership Form.

If you do not pay your fees AND you do not return your signed Membership Form, you will not be deemed to be a member of the CVMCE. 

As a non member, your vehicle will be unregistered and not covered by CTP.

Membership Renewal
  • New membership applications or a change in membership details can only be accepted via the Application for Membership or Change of Details Form.
  • All Applications for Membership or Change of Details Forms must be emailed or posted to the club Secretary. No other delivery method will be accepted.
  • Membership badges will only be available for collection at Club events or at the Club monthly meetings.
  • The CVMCE preferred payment method is for ONLINE EFT.
  • Bank Details: St Seorge Bank, BSB 112 879, Acc #: 056916341, Acc Name: CVMCE
  • When making an EFT payment, please insert your surname or phone number into the REFERENCE FIELD.
  • Save your EFT payment details as a .pdf and email your proof of payment to the Club Treasurer for processing.
  • Note, as your saved EFT payment details are your proof of payment, no receipt will be issued unless asked for.
  • For members without electronic banking access, 3 membership renewal days will be held on 3 consecutive Saturdays leading up to the 30th June from 10 am until 2 pm at the Moruya Bowls Club. Cash, credit cards and cheques will be accepted.
  • Members who fail to renew their membership by the 30th June will be deemed unfinancial members and will be subject to the new member renewal process.
  • To ensure prompt processing, all new membership applications should be accompanied by the appropriate joining fee and the required annual fee. As an example, a new member joining for 1 year would be required to pay $35 Annual Fee + $15 once only joining fee. A new joint membership application for 1 year would be required to pay $40 Annual fee + $30 once only joining fee.
  • A full refund will be returned to all unsuccessful new membership applications.