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CVMCE Track day at Wakefield Park Raceway , tentatively 26 November 2020

The CVMCE is organising a Track day for members at Wakefield Park Raceway near Goulburn

Depending on how many members are interested it should cost between $150 and $250 for the day

Which will give you about 4 sessions (5 if no one has a oopsie) on the track.

For more information please email Jake Harris

Depending on who signs up to participate
there will be separate sessions for

    • Race and Road
    • Bikes and Cars
    • Slow and Fast
    • Old and New
    • Passengers and Solo
    • Open Wheelers and Tin Tops
    • Experienced and Novice
    • Over 80 and under 17
      CVMCE Show n Shine,Canceled due to COVID-19 Restrictions

      Alternate Event is a Sunday Run to Dalmeny

      • Sunday 1st November 2020
      • At the reserve near Anton's
      • Bring a picnic lunch
      • Perpetual Trophies awarded to participants at the Presidents discretion
      CVMCE Christmas Party 2020, date and venue to be decided

      Do you have a good idea for a weekend run destination and are prepared to take a turn organizing a run there? It's not hard. Contact our Events Director or our Assistant Events Director with your ideas.

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